Yaki-in branding irons

Kanazawa is well known for its wide variety of traditional hand made Japanese sweets.  Last week I visited the Kanazawa Museum of Wooden Japanese Sweets Molds located on the second floor of Morihachi Honten, a sweets store with a history dating back to 1625. There are over a thousand wooden sweets molds on display, grouped into several time periods starting from Edo and finishing with the  Showa period.

Kanazawa Wooden Sweets Molds Museum
Kanazawa Museum of Wooden Japanese Sweets Molds

The museum also includes a  wonderful display of about 200 yaki-in branding irons that were used during the past 100 years.

Display of Yaki-in branding irons at Kanazawa Sweets Museum
Yaki-in branding irons


Yaki-in have long been used by confectioners in Japan to sear letters or patterns onto rice cookies or ‘manju’ (steamed buns).  They are also used to brand a variety of other items including wood and leather.

IMG_0813 IMG_0811

Designs include kanji (Chinese characters) for congratulations or long life; others depict horoscopes, family crests, names and beauties from nature such as plum blossom, momiji autumn leaves, wisteria and lotus flower. The following photos show some yaki-in that I have collected  from antique markets in Japan.

il_570xN.620513595_r5g8 DSC_0443 DSC_0442 DSC_0441 DSC_0434

Lotus pod
Congratulations: 'kotobuki'
Congratulations: ‘kotobuki’

They are truly works of art in their own right and worth collecting or finding your own unique way of using them.

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