Kutani ware tea set, Shoza style

Kutani tea set 1
Kutani tea set

This brilliantly colored Shoza style Kutani porcelain tea set originates from Ishikawa prefecture. The pattern is nature themed with hand painted human figures and flowers in vibrant red, green, blue and gold.

Kutani tea set 2
Teapot, bowl and five cups

The set consists of a small teapot, five cups, and a yusumashi spouted water bowl that is used to cool boiling water before pouring it into the teapot. It is intended for use with very high grade and delicately flavoured gyokuro tea that is served in small quantities and enjoyed by sipping slowly to savour the taste.  It would make a beautiful set for display even  if you don’t plan on actually using it to drink tea.

Maker's stamp
Maker’s stamp
kutani tea set 6
Hand painted with theme from nature


kutani tea set 5
Centre cup with hand painting of human figures

If you would like to know how to prepare gyokuro tea, this website has a detailed explanation.

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