Re-purposing vintage ashtrays

Remember when smoking was glamorous?  I used to have quite a collection of cigarette holders that I loved to take to parties.  Those days have long gone…lamentably…sometimes it would be nice to throw all caution to the wind again and forget about lung cancer and damaging my skin!  Anyway, I couldn’t resist buying these two gorgeous ashtrays recently, even if I never get to use them.  But I’m wondering how I could re-purpose them…

Blue and white imari ashtray
Blue and white ceramic ashtray

This blue and white imari boat might look nice in the bathroom as a decoration; or it would be an interesting addition to the afternoon tea table as it is just the right length to hold teaspoons or cake forks.

Iron ashtray
Iron ashtray on a tripod stand

This very heavy iron ashtray would be perfect on the balcony for burning either incense or mosquito coils in the summer.  It would also look great in my meditation space where I could use it as an incense burner.

Any other suggestions?  Please comment below.  I’d love to hear from you. 

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'Styled in Japan': an online shop that specializes in fashionable anti-UV parasols; an Etsy shop that features a unique collection of retro, vintage and antique Japanese treasures sourced from temple and flea markets in the Kansai area.

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