Parasols with love AND anti-UV care: 5 hot tips 

Cool Plus parasol blocks heat and 99% UV radiation.
Cool Plus parasol blocks heat and 99% UV radiation.

Has the heat wave in Australia sent you seeking shade and a parasol or sun umbrella?




5 hot tips:

1  Check the UV rating.  Try to find a parasol that has 99% UV block.  Parasols with a polyurethane color coating offer the best protection.  They block both heat and UV radiation.  You’ll feel noticeably cooler.

2. Make sure it’s showerproof.  In places like Brisbane, you often  need both a parasol and an umbrella on the same day.

3 Keep a sun umbrella near the front door at home and at your work place, right next to your supply of sunscreen.  Every time you go out, you’ll be reminded to take it with you.

4. Keep one in your car.  Even walking across the car park to the supermarket can be a challenge on days when the temperature soars to 40+ degrees.

5. Keep a mini folding parasol inside your handbag or briefcase.

Don’t get caught out in the hot sun without shade.  Carry a parasol and you’ve got your own portable shade, anytime, anywhere.

Take a peep at the selection of fashionable anti-UV parasols and sun umbrellas lovingly offered at the online store Styled in Japan.

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'Styled in Japan': an online shop that specializes in fashionable anti-UV parasols; an Etsy shop that features a unique collection of retro, vintage and antique Japanese treasures sourced from temple and flea markets in the Kansai area.

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